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Madewell & Madewell, Inc. [“Madewell”] recycles spent lead-acid batteries from automobiles, fork-lifts, industrial equipment and any other equipment that uses lead-acid batteries.  Madewell’s recycling turns a waste product into useful reusable products. All parts of the spent batteries received at Madewell’s facility are recycled. 


Madewell is dedicated to responsible and environmentally safe operating procedures and practices through compliance with all applicable local, state and federal environmental laws and regulations.  Madewell’s commitment to maintaining an environmentally sound work place is demonstrated by Madewell’s adoption and compliance with industry developed comprehensive environmental operating guidelines. 


Madewell purchases spent lead-acid batteries from some of the nation’s largest retailers and recycles batteries for some of the world’s largest battery producers.


Madewell would be happy to speak with you or your company about purchasing or processing your spent lead acid batteries.  Please feel free to call 1.800.880.1540, 405.399.2201 or email

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